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From September 2017

Teaching Staff

Mrs Jane Sherwood – Headteacher – Designated Senior Leader for Child Protection

Early Years

Miss Nicola Pinner Foundation Stage Leader /Reception Teacher – Wren class

Mrs Kayleigh Williams

Reception Teacher – Finch class (JobShare)

Mrs Ruth MacLeod

Reception Teacher – Finch class (JobShare)
Mrs Tina Smith Nursery Teacher (SENCO )

Key Stage 1

Miss Camilla Robinson Year 1 Teacher – Robin class
Miss Emma Futter Year 1 Teacher – Owl class
Miss Chloe Morris-Pond Year 2 Teacher – Lark class
Miss Anna Marshall Year 2 Teacher – Swan class

Key Stage 2

Mrs Kate Dallen Year 3 Teacher – Dove class
Miss Natasha Woodall Year 3 Teacher – Swift class
Mrs Vanessa Stubbs Year 4 Teacher – Falcon class
Mr James Taylor Deputy Head
Deputy Senior Designated Leader
Year 4 Teacher – Eagle class

All Year Groups

Mrs Louise Atkins Music Teacher

Regular Supply Teachers 

Mrs Claire Lynn 
Mrs Louise Sandford 
Mrs Julie Gamble
Mrs Rachel Chalkie 

Support Staff

Miss Alex Firth Nursery Nurse
Miss Emma Hallett Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Mrs Carolyne Hardy Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Mrs Caroline Webb Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Mrs Justine Richmond Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Mrs Louise Wright Teaching Assistant (Nursery)
Mrs Sharon Harradine Teaching Assistant (Reception – Finch class)
Mrs Sandra Ingrey Teaching Assistant (Reception- Finch class)
Miss Emma Hills Teaching Assistant (Reception – Wren class)
Miss Gemma Woollison Teaching Assistant (Reception – Wren class)
Mrs Elaine Patterson Teaching Assistant (Reception – Wren Class)
Mrs Christine Whitaker Teaching Assistant (Year 1 – Robin class)
Mrs Caroline Biddlecombe Teaching Assistant (Year 1 – Robin class)
Mrs Vikki Monksfield Teaching Assistant (Year 1- Owl class)
Mrs Anne-Marie Maitland Learning Support Assistant (Year 1 – Owl class)
Mrs Jenny Costin Teaching Assistant (Year 1 )
Mrs Jane King Teaching Assistant (Year 2 – Swan class)
Miss Katie Day Learning Support Assistant (Year 2 – Swan Class)
Mrs Jackie Huttlestone Teaching Assistant (Year 2 – Lark class)
Mrs Corinne Bonnifait Teaching Assistant (Year 3 – Dove class)
Mrs Sharon Gruskin Teaching Assistant (Year 3 – Swift class)
Mrs Milly Toovey HLTA Teaching Assistant (Year 4 – Eagle class)
Mrs Sarah Hannigan Teaching Assistant (Year 4 – Falcon class)
Mrs Carol Parcell Teaching Assistant (Year 4 – Falcon class)
Mrs Virginia Thomas Teaching Assistant (Year 4)
Ms Clare Cox Teaching Assistant (Various year groups)
Mrs Claire Harward HLTA  Emotional Well Being Mentor

Office Staff

Mrs Sue Barrett Finance Secretary
Mrs Sue Parker Administrative Secretary
Mrs Maria Stevens Administrative Assistant
Mrs Margaret Barrett Stock and Library


Mr Ian Smith  

Cleaning Staff

Mrs Lianne Grundy Mrs Elaine Frasi


Hertfordshire Catering Staff

Mrs Elaine Foskett
Mrs Lianne Grundy
Mrs Karen Hawkins
Mrs Sharon Du Bruyn
Mrs Lisa Irvine
Mrs Bev Sims

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Elaine Frasi
Mrs Christine Lawrence
Mrs Sue Reeder SSA
Mrs Lorraine Tough
Mrs Jenny Costin
Miss Pamela Kavanagh
Mrs Kirsten Malyon
Mrs Caroline McDermott
Mrs Stacey Kent
Mrs Frances Reeder
Mrs Rebecca Holt
Mrs Yvonne Fagan
Mrs Samantha Redrup
Miss Sara-Jane Dodkin

Peripatetic Staff

Mr Peter Jessop Keyboard/Piano
Mr Tim Welch Brass
Miss Tiffany Hartley Violin
Mr Andrew Hillier Guitar
Mrs Lucy Tunstill Clarinet / Flute

Sports Coaches

Mrs Susy Hallewell Mrs Carol Parcell

Rise and Shine Breakfast Club

Mrs Frances Reeder Breakfast Club Leader
Mrs Sue Reeder Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Milly Toovey Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Elaine Frasi Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Corinne Bonnifait Breakfast Club Assistant

If you wish to work in a school in a teaching, leadership or support role (e.g. as a teaching assistant, finance officer, administrator or site staff) you can search for jobs and then apply online at the Teach in Herts Website.