Autumn Term 2 in Nursery


We have been very busy in our second term together in Nursery. We started our topic ‘The 3 billy goats gruff’ by looking at bridges and listening to the story on. Next, we moved on to thinking about what materials we could use to build a bridge and had ago ourselves building our own bridges to help the three Billy goats gruff.

After half terms, we started to get ourselves ready for our Christmas nativity. We practiced our songs every day at singing time and got dressed up to have our photo take. To help us understand the nativity we had many stories and activates out that helped us learning about the First Christmas.

After we performed our Christmas nativity our grown up, we started Christmas activities and got all festive for Christmas. We have been printing repeating patters on our wrapping paper, making reindeer food, to put out on Christmas Eve and many more activities that are festive. 

As the weather has started to change, we had lots of fun playing in the snow and building snowmen.

 We have had a very busy term and are looking forward to learning and exploring more when we come back after the Christmas holiday in 2023.