The Gingerbread Man and Oliver’s Vegetables.

May in Nursery

We have been continuing our topic Food Glorious Food this month by looking at two stories – The Gingerbread Man and Oliver’s Vegetables.

Whilst learning about The Gingerbread Man, we have been practising our subitising skills by playing the roll and cover game – rolling a dice, seeing what number of spots we have landed on and covering that number on a gingerbread man. We have also been using story maps to retell the story too. It was great fun to make our own Gingerbread Man – they were delicious!

As part of our work on Oliver’s Vegetables, we talked about our own favourite vegetables and created a very big chart to show which vegetables very the most (or least) favourite. Carrots won but only by 1 vote. We used our observational skills to paint beautiful pictures of the different vegetables from the story and then used our sense of smell and taste to try some of the vegetables too.