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Giacometti Sculptures

This half term we are focusing on the interesting sculptures by Giacometti. We have been inspired by his work to create our own sculptures out of tinfoil. This was incredibly tricky as we had to make sure that we didn’t pinch and squeeze our tinfoil too hard, else we would lose the shape. Look at …

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Hey Ewe

Speed stacking

Year 2 enjoyed having Royston Town Football Club representatives come in to teach them some speedy cup stacking skills. After a quick practice, everyone was challenged to stack 3 cups, 6 cups and then 12 cups as quickly as they could! It was fantastic to see how quickly everyone tried to perfect their new skill. …

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Football Festival

Year 2 really enjoyed taking part in the football festival hosted by King James Academy, it was a fantastic opportunity to practise and perfect our skills. As part of the morning the children had to complete a range of football activities including shooting, dribbling, and even competing in a mini match!

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 have had a very busy, but enjoyable first few weeks in School. The children have been very lucky to have some golf lessons; learning new skills on how to use a golf club to putt a ball and chip shots. The children have also started hockey during their PE lessons. We have mainly …

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Mexican Fiesta

Whipsnade Zoo

Castle Events Day



We’ve travelled to the moon with Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison and have learn about Amelia Earhart.

The Big Little Nativity