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Values & Vision

How we plan to achieve our Vision:

School Development Plan

The Children and their Learning

We aim to instil a love of learning by:

  • creating an environment where all children feel valued, happy and safe
  • being ambitious for their learning and celebrate success
  • the use of our creative curriculum, where teachers make the best use of all the facilities available both inside and outside the classroom to bring learning to life.
  • by providing challenge and support to ensure children achieve well
  • nurturing and developing in our children the four Learning Powers, of Perseverance, Ambition, Concentration and Cooperation.

The Staff and Leadership

Our staff are our most valuable resource, we ensure that children are at the heart of everything we do by:

  •  having strong and effective leadership
  • ensuring the quality and number of adults in the classroom is never compromised
  • expecting the highest standards of professionalism from every member of staff.
  • investing in the professional development of our staff, enabling them to deliver an engaging creative curriculum and to support and challenge every child.
  • taking the time to understand the needs of every child, providing support to children and families when needed.
  • celebrating everyone’s achievements and valuing everyone’s contributions as part of a team.

The Governance

Our governors are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for the children of Royston. We achieve this through:

  • supporting and challenging the school to ensure that outstanding standards are maintained.
  • seeking out and responding  to the views of the children, parents, staff and the community.
  • working as a team with the school staff.
  • investing in buildings and facilities
  • maximising the use of the buildings and outdoor space

The Parents/carers and Wider Community

We will work closely with parents/carers and the wider community to enhance the learning of the children we will do this by:

  • sharing information with parents/carers about their child(ren) and the school, and we will listen to their views. Good communication between the school and parents is vital.
  • giving parents opportunities to learn about how the school works, and explain any changes.
  • valuing parents/carers and members of the Royston community in various roles in school such as Governors and classroom helpers.
  • valuing our PTA for their contributions to the life of their school and for the money they raise
  • playing an active role in the Royston Schools Partnership
  • finding ways to build strong links with the local community.