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Welcome to our Nursery class

Our teacher is Miss Pinner and our Nursery Nurse is Miss Hills

In the Autumn Term our topics are All about me and Winter Festivals.

In the Spring Term our topics are  On the Move and Down on the Farm .

In the Summer Term our topics are Food Glorious Food.

  • Food Glorious Food

    To start off the new term, we have been learning about Spring. We went on a Spring Hunt around the school grounds to see how many signs of spring we could find. We also used our observational skills to painting beautiful pictures of daffodils.

    We have started a new topic this month too – Food Glorious Food. We started our new topic by investigating shopping bags. First, we predicted which bag we thought would hold the most shopping in and then which bag we thought would keep the shopping dry (waterproof). Next, we began to test our predications. We used the foam bricks to fill up each bag and counted to see which bag held the most – the string bag. We then poured water over each bag to see which bag would be waterproof – the hessian bag. After finishing our investigation, we talked about which bag we would want to take shopping. Some children wanted a bag that could hold lots of shopping and other children wanted a bag that is waterproof.

  • Down on The Farm

    Well, what a busy month we have had in nursery!

    We started our new topic – Down on the Farm. We had some very exciting visitors when we looked after some eggs…and the chicks for a farmer. We were even brave enough to hold them.

    We created some fantastic observational paintings of farm animals – looking closely at the shapes and colours we could see.

    We made pictures of tractors with 2D shapes and used our handprints to create some Splendid Swans too.

    We finished up the March by celebrating Easter. We made beautiful Easter cards for our families and made some delicious chocolate nest cakes (with our own little chicks) for ourselves. We listened to stories and found out about how other people celebrate Easter too. Happy Easter everyone!

  • Opposites 2

    This month in Nursery, we have been continuing with our topic ‘Opposites’. When learning about the opposite hot and cold, we created collage pictures using a variety of different materials in either hot or cold colours.

    As part of our floating and sinking theme, we investigated different objects from the classroom to see if they would float or sink. We also made our own boats using recycled materials and then tested these out to see if they would float…or sink!

    We also went on an Opposites Hunt around the school to see if we could fill in our sheet and find the missing opposites – it was much harder than we thought it was going to be!

    We finished the month by learning about the celebration of ‘Chinese New Year’. We used our funky fingers to create our own paper lanterns. In our PE lessons, we used the ribbons as part of our dance and we were even able to use some of the musical instruments to have a band play for us too.

  • Opposites

    This month, we have started on our new topic ‘Opposites’.
    We have started with up and down.

    We made space pictures using chalk and talked about the different things you will find in space. We worked hard to make our rockets using the letters in our name.

    We have turned our role play area into Space Explorers and are having lots of fun going on space adventures in our own rocket.

    We also said goodbye to Miss Hills this month and are looking forward to meeting her baby.  

  • December in Nursery

    This month it has been very Christmassy in nursery.

    We performed our nativity to our grownups, we have made Christmas cards and calendars, wrapping paper and a Christmas lantern.

    We didn’t forget about Father Christmas’ reindeer and made some food to sprinkle outside on Christmas eve.

  • November in Nursery

    This month in nursery we have been learning about different festivals and celebrations.
    We started the month learning about Remembrance Day.
    We made poppies in the style of a stained-glass window; we used our funky fingers to practice our cutting skills.

    Next, we have been learning about Diwali the festival of light.
    We made our own Mendhi patterns drawing round our hands and creating beautiful patterns.

    We listened to the Diwali story and learnt about Rama and Sita.

    We made our own Divia lamps using clay and colourful gems.

  • September

    We have enjoyed settling into nursery together this month and getting to know our new friends.

    We have now started our new topic ‘All About Me’. We have been learning about our bodies and keeping our teeth healthy. We have been working together to create some fantastic large scale pieces of art on what we would like to be when we grow up.

  • June and July in Nursery

    With the weather getting warmer, we have enjoyed playing outside in the front garden together.

    We had our Speaking and Listening Event this month; the children were tour guides for their adults showing them all the exciting things they get to do at nursery both inside and outside.  

  • April 2023 – Spring

    We have been learning all about spring.
    We went on a spring hunt around the school grounds and used our mixing skills to create pictures of daffodils.


    At the end of the month, we went on our school trip to Standalone Farm.
    We saw lots of different animals, enjoyed playing in the park and watching the Thomas trains.

  • March In Nursery – ‘Down on the Farm’

    This month, we have been learning about ‘Down on the Farm’.

    We have been busy painting pictures of farm animals – our new display in our cloakroom looks very good!

    We have also had fun learning about the different animals that live on a farm and what their homes are called. We have also been learning about baby animals and used our funky fingers to make beautiful cards and gifts for Mother’s Day.


    We have learnt so much this term and are looking forward to coming back after the Easter holidays, and going on our first school trip to a real farm!

  • February In Nursery – Opposites


    We had lots of fun exploring opposites this month in nursery.

    We were scientists exploring floating and sinking.

    We created fantastic models of different types of transport and talked about the different ways they move.

    We had lots of fun turning our role play area into space and went on lots of adventures in space.

    We learnt how to use the weighing scales when we investigated heavy and light moon rocks.

    We went on an opposites hunt round the school to see how many we could fine.

  • Chinese New Year

    We have been learning about the celebration ‘Chinese New Year’.

    We listened to the story of how the years became named after animals – this year is the Year of the Rabbit. We used our ordinal numbers to help us retell the story with our friends.

    We used our funky fingers to make Chinese Lanterns; cutting the paper, sticking on the stars and streamers and stapling the edges together.

    In our PE lessons, we used the ribbons to make some beautiful big patterns. We lined up together to create our own dragon dance.