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Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 classes

Our teachers are Mr Taylor and Mrs Stubbs.

In the Autumn Term our topics are South America and The Rainforest.

In the Spring Term our topic is Viking Raiders and we have a residential visit to Grafham Water.

In the Summer Term our topics are Ancient Greece and Science Fiction.

  • No One Wraps Like an Elf

  • Autumn Term in Year 4 Falcon

    The term has gone so quickly. The children have made some lovely Christmas decorations in D&T.

    They have really enjoyed doing Science and learning about States of Matter as well as the Water Cycle! They couldn’t believe that they may be drinking water that a dinosaur once drank.

    We did some orienteering, learning about direction and how to read a compass. Then we read a map looking for flags.

    We had such fun in the snow building snowmen.

  • Rainforest Drama

    As we come to the end of our rainforest work, we have been focussing on English skills.
    The children have covered paragraphs, fronted adverbials and including description of sensations such as what they might smell or feel. 

    Before the children wrote their story set in the rainforest, we took them on ‘a trip to the rainforest’. 
    Our session started in the yano where the children sat with the ‘wise elder’ who helped them plan their trip. We then ventured out into the rainforest where we hunted, fished and foraged. As we went back to the yano, we had to go low and quiet to avoid the jaguar. Back in the yano, we then noted down some good ideas from our ‘adventure’ that we then used in our story writing later the week.
  • Classification

    In science we have learned about classifying plants and animals.
    We found different examples of the groups of plants and sketched them.

  • Sports

    The children attended a Football Festival at KJAR recently where they got to practise their football skills. The weather was kind to us and the morning was thoroughly enjoyed by them all.


    They have been doing High Fives in PE with Mrs Parcell and enjoyed some mini games in this week’s lesson.

  • Henri Rousseau Rainforest Artwork

    We are learning about the rainforest and used the artist Henri Rousseau as inspiration for a multi-layered piece of art. See if you can spot the hidden animals!