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Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 classes

Our teachers are Mrs Woollison and Miss Morris-Pond

In the Autumn Term our topics are  Where do I live? and Toys.

In the Spring Term our topics are  Superheroes and Nature, Nature Everywhere

In the Summer Term our topic is Buckets and Spades.

  • Year 1 – Coronation Celebration Day

    Year 1 enjoyed a day learning about the coronation. We watched some videos and looked at some photos of coronations in the past. We decorated some crown biscuits with jelly tots and icing. We decorated a plant pot with coronation stickers. We have also written some cards to our new King!

  • Year 1 – Seaside Visit

    Year 1 had a lovely time at the seaside. We went to the aquarium and had a lesson about rockpools. We learnt that starfish have 5 eyes and some other interesting facts! We went to the seaside, built sandcastles, went for a paddle in the sea and had ice lollies

  • Nature, Nature, Nature

    Year 1 have been learning about plants this half term.
    We went on a walk around the school to identify garden and wild plants and deciduous and evergreen trees

  • Superhero Smoothies

    Year 1 made superhero smoothies.
    We imagined each fruit had a superpower and we chopped or sliced the fruit into the blender to make our smoothie. We then tasted our superhero fruit smoothies.
  • Superheroes

    Year 1 had a fantastic superhero day.
    We dressed up as fictional and real-life superheroes.
    Unfortunately the Wicked Professor Spade buried some our toys in the mud. We thought about how we would travel to save the toys and what special powers our outfits had. We then thought about how we would save the toys from the Wicked Professor Spade.
    We painted our own superheroes and learnt some new superhero songs

  • Christmas Lunch, Party and a VIP visit

    Year 1 enjoyed their Christmas dinner, a santa visit and a Christmas Party.
    Have a lovely Christmas and New Year. We look forward to seeing you next term.


  • The Big Little Nativity

    Year 1 have been practising so hard with their Christmas Play. Well done Year 1!

  • Fun in the snow

    Year 1 had a fun time playing in the snow. We had a snowball fight and we built snowmen.

  • Magical Toy Museum

    Year 1 had a fantastic time at the Toy Museum today!
    We learnt about toys from the past and today, to support our current topic.
    We learnt about how the first teddy was made and what materials other toys are made from.

  • Local Area Walk

    Robin Class had a fantastic time on our local walk.
    We explored features of our local area. When we returned to class, we wrote amazing sentences about what we saw, and we drew pictures of our local area.

    Owl class were very excited to enjoy their first Forest school experience !
    We put our wellies on and had a great time exploring in the wild area.