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November 2023

Youth Speaks All of the children in Year 4 prepared and presented a short piece on a topic of their choice. We then invited some groups to perform to the whole school and we invited their parents/carers too. We as staff, you as parents/carers and they as children can all be very proud of what …

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Year 4 have been learning about the Rainforest. We learned about the life of Henri Rousseau and how he painted his paintings. We then did some Rainforest pictures in our own style, doing the background first. Then adding the foliage and lastly collaging our favourite rainforest animals.

Year 4 Leavers’ Concert


Year 4 Leavers’ Party 2023

Falcon Class Summer Term

The Year 3 and 4 children took part in a wonderful Cross Country Event at KJAR last Half Term. The children did really well. Two notable performances were Hayden Taylor in Year 3 and Oliver Webber in Year 4. The children made a Coronation flower for the King’s coronation and were provided with a very …

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Eagle Class – Kimiyo Mishima pottery, Ancient Greece activities

Year 4 have been working a lot with pottery this term. We studied the work of contemporary artist Kimiyo Mishima whose work focuses on waste and recycling. We then had a visit from a potter who helped teach both children and teachers some new techniques that we then used to make our interpretations of Ancient …

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Viking Day

What a wonderful way to end off the Spring Term in Year 4 with a Viking day. The children all dressed up as Vikings and enjoyed making Mead and Oat Flapjacks. Mandy Jinkerson came from Tesco to help us on the day. As well as helping us, Tesco also donated all the ingredients to make …

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Grafham Water 2023


Eagle Class Spring Term 1

The children have learned about primary and secondary sources in history by studying Viking shields. We then used this knowledge to design and complete our own replica Viking shields. In science, the children have learned about the importance of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. To help us understand the damage that can be done, we carried out an investigation into …

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No One Wraps Like an Elf