Falcon Class Summer Term

The Year 3 and 4 children took part in a wonderful Cross Country Event at KJAR last Half Term.
The children did really well. Two notable performances were Hayden Taylor in Year 3 and Oliver Webber in Year 4.

The children made a Coronation flower for the King’s coronation and were provided with a very tasty biscuit from our kitchen in the shape of a crown.

A wonderful artist came in and showed us how to properly make an Ancient Greek pot. Some children in Year 4 have said it was the highlight of their term.

We have never had such good pots in Year 4!

We also made some pottery art in the style of Kimiyo Mishima.

Our Year 4 art looks beautiful around the school and in the classroom. Everyone’s art was worthy of display this year. The children created their own monster and after drawing it, described it in their English books.