Viking Day

What a wonderful way to end off the Spring Term in Year 4 with a Viking day.

The children all dressed up as Vikings and enjoyed making Mead and Oat Flapjacks. Mandy Jinkerson came from Tesco to help us on the day. As well as helping us, Tesco also donated all the ingredients to make these Viking treats.

They also  wrote in runes and made their own version of the Viking game Hnefatafl.

During the term the children have done some brilliant work and writing while learning about the Vikings and their gods. Before they wrote their play scripts they got to do role play and act them out to the class. Some fabulous Viking ships were painted by the children, using tint, tone and shade, adding drama to the stormy seas.

The day ended with parents and carers invited in to see some of the things the children have been learning as well as enjoying oatcakes and mead.


Thank you for joining us and for taking the time to sort an outfit for your child to wear on the day.